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About PetroBonus
What is the PetroBonus Programme?
PetroBonus is the largest loyalty programme in India. It rewards you for all purchases at the Bharat Petroleum PetroBonus outlets. PetroBonus offers you the convenience and security of paying through electronic purse, with the added opportunity to earn valuable rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits, when you consolidate all your fuel and convenience store purchases at Bharat Petroleum's PetroBonus outlets.

On enrolling into the programme, you would receive a personalised smart card - the Petro Card. You can load money at the Bharat Petroleum PetroBonus outlets and use the Petro Card to purchase fuel, lubricants, and all products sold in the In&Out Convenience Stores.

Each time you use the Petro Card to make payments, you would earn Loyalty Points called Petromiles, which you can redeem for Gifts and Rewards. The Loyalty Points are stored on the card, which also has advanced security features. The PetroBonus Programme has been a continuously evolving programme and looks forward to providing you with added benefits and services.
What is the Petro Card?
The Petro Card is a plastic card, with a microprocessor chip embedded on it. The basic benefits that these cards provide are convenience, speed and security of transaction at the PetroBonus outlets.
What is CA and CU number?
CA means Card ID and CU means Customer ID. Please refer below for CA and CU number printed on your card.
Is there a transaction fee?
No, there is no transaction fee levied on any of your transactions with Petro Card.
What are Petromiles & how do I earn Petromiles?
Petromiles are the points earned when you make a transaction through your Petro Card. You earn Petromiles when you load money on your Petro Card as well as when you buy products using the Petro Card.

The table given below indicates the Petromiles earned by you when you spend your pre-loaded money on various products available in a Bharat Petroleum PetroBonus outlets
Amount Spent / Product
Petromiles earned
Rs. 150 spent on Lubricants
Rs. 150 spent at the In&Out
Rs. 150 spent on Speed 97
Rs. 150 spent on eTraveller
Rs. 150 spent on Speed
Rs. 150 spent on Hi Speed Diesel
Rs. 150 spent on CNG
Rs. 150 spent on 2T Mix Petrol
Rs. 150 spent on Auto LPG
Rs. 150 spent on Petrol/ Diesel
Who can join PetroBonus and how?
The Membership is open to all individuals who are of age 18 years or above and who are residents of India. The application forms are available at Bharat Petroleum PetroBonus outlets. You can also take print out of the Application Form and submit it to your nearest PetroBonus Outlet along with the enrolment fee of Rs. 250.
How long is the Membership valid for?
  • The PetroBonus Programme Membership is valid for a period of 6 years from the date of issue of Petro Card. However, in case of you being an active user of Petro Card, your membership may be renewed for a further period of 6 years at the option of BPCL
  • The Petromiles earned in a financial year are valid for a period of 6 years from the end of the financial year of awarding, subject to having a valid Membership. Eg. Petromiles earned by a member in the FY 2003-04 will be valid till 31st March 2010. However, on expiry of the membership and/or expiry of the Petromiles, the member shall be given 3 months from the date of expiry during which he or she can redeem these Petromiles. In case of membership expiry the member should also utilise the cash on the card within 3 months from the date of expiry failing which it would be treated as lapsed. (Note: Financial year refers to 1st April of that year to 31st March of the following year)
Is the enrolment fee a one-time payment?
Yes, it is a one-time payment.
How can I earn Loading Bonus?
You get Bonus Petromiles on loading your Petro Card for the minimum amount in a single transaction. Mentioned below is the slab for earning Bonus Petromiles on loading your Petro Card.
The minimum load amount for earning Loading Bonus has been revised to Rs. 1000. For every Rs. 1000/- loaded on to the Petro Card in a single transaction, you will earn 100 Petromiles. This is subject to a maximum of 800 Petromiles for a load amount of Rs. 8000/- in a calendar month.

Loading Bonus Table

Load amount
Bonus Petromiles
Rs. 1000
Rs. 2000 on

Subject to a maximum of 800 Bonus Petromiles in a calendar month.


Load Amount (single transaction value)
Bonus Petromiles
Rs. 1000
Rs. 1500
Rs. 2000
Rs. 2800
About the Petrocard
How do I load money on the card?
You would require to visit a Bharat Petroleum PetroBonus outlet alongwith your Petro Card. Handover your Petro Card to the dealer with the amount you wished to load (a minimum of Rs. 500 or multiples of Rs. 100 thereafter). The dealer will insert the Petro Card into the reader and load the card equal to the money paid by you. He would then return your card, loaded with money along with a receipt, which will be printed by the terminal. Your card will then be ready to be used for payments of all products purchased at the PetroBonus Outlet.
Do I get Credit facility on Petro Card?
No, Petro Card is a debit card. Your account needs to have money before you make a purchase.
What is the minimum and maximum loading amount?
The minimum loading amount is Rs. 500 and for above Rs. 500 you can load your Petro Card in multiples of Rs. 100. E.g. Rs. 400 cannot be loaded because it is less than Rs. 500 and similarly Rs. 550 cannot be loaded for it is not in multiple of Rs. 100.

Maximum loading amount is Rs. 5000 in a single transaction.
What if I want to load Rs.2000 & more in a single transaction?
Reload upto Rs.1999/- is done through offline mode. If you want to load Rs.2000 & more, terminal will automatically go for online transaction or prompt to connect to mode of communication at Retail Outlet.
What should I do if my card is damaged/card is showing Remove Card Error?
You will need to submit your damaged card along with the complaint form available at the nearest BPCL PetroBonus outlet. Please fill in the details required in the complaint form.
Can I load a Petro Card with a cheque?
Loading can be done by cheque payments at the discretion of the Dealer of the PetroBonus Outlet. But the card will be loaded with the amount only after cheque realisation i.e. normally within 3 working days. You will therefore have to return to the same PetroBonus Outlet for getting your Petro Card loaded with the amount.
How do I use my Petro Card for purchases at the Petro Bonus outlet?
  1. You would need to inform the PetroBonus Outlet attendant about the product you wish to purchase and for what amount.
  2. You would then need to hand over the Petro Card to the attendant.
  3. The attendant will insert your Petro Card into a reader and will enter the product code.
  4. After which the attendant will hand over the reader for you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once the PIN is entered by you, the attendant will return your Petro Card along with a receipt which shows the sale amount and your Petromiles balance.
How do I get to know how much money and Petromiles I have on my Petro Card?
You can visit the PetroBonus Outlet and check your balance by handing over the Petro Card to the counter staff and ask for balance enquiry. Also, the balance is mentioned at the bottom of every transaction slip. Member can also call up the toll free number to enquire about his balance.
What happens if the PIN code is incorrectly entered?
In case you enter the wrong PIN number, the transaction will not be completed and you will not be able to make a purchase. On keying in the wrong PIN three times consecutively, the card gets locked & the balance amount as well as Petromiles on the card is frozen.
How can I get my Petro Card unlocked?
To unlock the card after it has been frozen by wrong PIN entry, you must submit a written request for unlocking the Petro Card using the form available at the PetroBonus Outlet. You must mention your name, address and the unique identifiers in the Application Form i.e. Place of Birth and Mother's maiden name to establish your authenticity as the cardholder. The PetroBonus Outlet will send the card to the PetroBonus Member Service Center for unlocking. Thereafter, the card will be sent back to you by courier at your mailing address after the PIN is unlocked.
What should I do if I lose my Petro Card?
  1. Please contact us on the Helpline numbers as soon as possible on losing your Petro Card. The PetroBonus team will ensure that your card is blocked to prevent its misuse.
  2. You will then need to submit a filled service form to your Bharat Petroleum dealer at the nearest Bharat Petroleum PetroBonus outlet along with
    Rs. 50 as replacement fee.
  3. If you have not yet asked for your card to be blocked, the PetroBonus team will hotlist your old card to prevent its misuse in anyway and replace your card with a new one.
  4. Your previous Cash balance and Petromiles balance will be transferred to your new card and it will be delivered to your doorstep within the 21 days. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems concerning the above.
How do I change the PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
Give your Petro Card to the attendant and request for changing your PIN. You will need to remember your existing PIN.
What do I do if my card is not working?
In case your card is not working, please let us know the error message the terminal shows when the card is inserted.
What is the PIN security feature?
PIN is a security feature wherein you select a four digit number of your choice to be used when you transact through your Petro Card. It is a password without which transaction cannot done on a PIN enabled card. By this you can ensure that card is not misused by anybody. Remember that the PIN is a security feature and should not be shared with anyone else, do not write the PIN on your card or it's cover.
About Petromiles Earnings
How do I earn Birthday Bonus Petromiles?
Visit the PetroBonus Outlet and do a transaction such as purchase or reload on your Birthday or within seven days of your birthday. E.g. If your Birthday is on 1st March you can avail the Birthday Bonus by going to the PetroBonus Outlet and doing a sale or a reload transaction on any day between 1st March and 7th March.
What happens if the Petromiles calculation is incorrect?
If you feel that there has been an error in the point calculation you can write in to PetroBonus, with a copy of the transaction slip for the transaction where an error has occurred.
How often do I receive Petromiles transaction statements?
Petromiles statements are sent to Members by post who have opted for physical statements and by e-mail on their e-mail id to Members who have opted for E-statement on a quarterly basis as per the cycle. In case you have opted for E-statement you are not eligible to receive statements by post.
What is e-statement? How to register for it?
E-statement is for receiving quarterly statements on your e-mail id instead of post. The Member is awarded with 1000 Petromiles for opting for the same. Once you opt for e-statement the statements will be sent on your e-mail id and no physical statements will be sent. The procedure to register for
e-statement is given below.
Steps to register for receiving statements/mailers through e-mail :
  1. Click on button named "I Want Email" and a new window will open.
  2. Please fill in the details requested correctly.
  3. After filling all the details, please enter "Submit" button at the end of that page.
  4. A voucher of 1000 Petromiles will be sent to Members on their registered e-mail id within 15 working days.
Redemption/Reward/Benefits Enquiry
Can a reward be exchanged?
Rewards once selected cannot be returned or exchanged.
What are the rewards that I get?
Please refer to the Rewards Showcase.
General Questions
What happens if my name is incorrect on the card? What procedure is to be followed if I want the name on the card to be changed? Do I have to pay for requesting a new card with a new name?
The name once printed on the card cannot be altered. You would have to submit your card at a PetroBonus Outlet and apply for name rectification. In case the name has been wrongly printed on the card in spite of a legible application, Bharat Petroleum will take steps to get it corrected and a new card will be issued at no extra cost.
In case the name had been entered wrongly in the application form then a new card can be issued at your discretion, on filling the complaint form and paying a fee of Rs. 50 in cash only.
What happens if I want to complain about a transaction?
In case of some discrepancy pertaining to transactions, you should first clarify with the PetroBonus Outlet. If the problem is not resolved then you can write in to the PetroBonus address or send an email.
How do we inform of change in address/e-mail id/contact number?
In case there is change in address/e-mail, please inform the same to us immediately at any of our Helpline Nos. 1800 - 22 - 2725 (Toll Free) or 022 - 4042 2725 or email us at ni.muelorteptarahb@sunobortep
How to play Online Quiz?
Click on Play Quiz on the home page. Enter your Petro Card number, name and email to proceed to play the quiz. If you answer all questions correctly and are among the first 250, You will win 500 Petromiles.